Our HR Vision

Through the implementation of best practise we aim to become recognised nationally and internationally as a leader in effective HR Management within the White Goods sector.

Our HR Mission

To create a strategy that enables the Company to realise its goals and expectations while also fulfilling the needs and aspirations of the Company’s employees. Simfer is constantly focused on the future and recognises that investment in its staff is vital if it is to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers. The Company will achieve this by continually strengthening its team of experienced and qualified HR professionals.

Our Values

Simfer employees are sensitive to the Company’s values and aware of the necessary factors for achieving success for the business. Each employee knows the importance of our values in order to ensure unity of direction and also to support the corporate culture. Their support is necessary in order to achieve an environment where common values are shared and practised. We invest in the development of our employees. • We believe in development and continuous change

Our Principles

Being honest, fair and diligent are our fundamental principles. We are proactive in order to safeguard our ethical values, social values and Company regulations. Discover Simfer World!